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Services for IT partners

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IT courses

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We hold software development trainings for groups of 3-10 people, for example, in the following technologies:

- Java, Spring, SpringBoot

- Python

- Clean Code and Design patterns

- Agile, Scrum

- Multithreading

- Azure, AWS

- Docker, CI/CD

- Git, Maven, Gradle

- Reactive programming in Java

We also undertake internal retraining for teams in case of switching from one technology to another, with mentoring and active assistance.

Of course, feel free to contact us at for individual requests as well.


In-house courses for beginners

Jump In

We are ready to help in the organization and conduct of in-house talent training courses lasting up to months at all levels. ​

We have extensive experience in junior training. ​

If your company would also like to have its own junior developer training program with experienced instructors, contact us at

Female Developers


A Perfect Fit

In many cases, colleagues with less experience do not receive enough help due to a lack of resources (senior developers).

We can provide a solution for such cases. With a commonly-created and discussed development plan, we can sit down with developers at the early ages of their career 1-2 times a week and help them develop. We measure their performance and give them homework, but in the framework of mentoring, our colleagues do not participate in the actual solution of the mentee's tasks at work. (We can only give advice about them.)

The service is excellent for increasing commitment and provides a long-term, mentored, individual development opportunity.

Form of work

  • Individual work in online meetings / class

  • Pair work in online meetings / class


  • Java 17, SpringBoot, Databases

  • JavaScript, React

  • DevOps: Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, Azure, …

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A Perfect Fit

We are seeking partners who need qualified, well-educated, experienced, and motivated experts on their team. We specialize in working with Java and DevOps developers who have a strong professional background and have a verified process for hiring experienced professionals. If you are in need of talented and motivated developers to join your team, we, the CodeHunters Team may be able to help.

IT Corporate Services: Our Programs

Popular IT Courses

If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us. We may be able to help you find the resources or support you need, or we can work with you to customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

Advanced Java with DevOps

Contact hours

40 - 50 hours

Offline hours

135 hours

DevOps with Azure/AWS

Contact hours

25 - 30 hours

Offline hours

90 hours

Scalable Systems in the Cloud

Contact hours

12 - 20 hours

Offline hours

40 hours

IT Corporate Services: List


Contact hours

12 - 18 hours


12 hours


Contact hours

12 - 18 hours


12 hours

Azure/AWS with Terraform

Contact hours

12 - 18 hours


30 hours

IT Corporate Services: List

Sql, NoSql, PL/SQL

Contact hours

12 - 18 hours


12 hours

IT for HR

Contact hours

6 - 12 hours


6 hours

IT Corporate Services: List

Our Happy Clients

Successful Collaboration

IT Corporate Services: Clients

Tesco (Outsourcing)

Lufthansa Systems (IT courses)

Apollo Solutions (Partnership)

TEKSystems (Partnership)

Adevinta (Outsourcing)

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs in more detail, please schedule a 30-minute informal conversation with us.

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