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Personal Mentor Wanted?

Private teacher ...

The CodeHunters Team provides a service in cases where you only need instructions at intervals or want to learn without borders.


15 000 HUF - 20 000 HUF / hour


Hungarian or English

You need a well-educated mentor if

  • You want to learn to program on your own, but sometimes you want an experienced person to give you some advice and/or look at your code.

  • You want to progress faster to reach the next level.

  • In your current position, you don't code much, but you don't want to fall out of rhythm.

  • You are working on your own project and would like to ask for advice on planning, infrastructure, and coding.

  • You need 1-1 consultation sessions weekly/fortnightly/monthly.

The hourly fee includes:

  • the 60-minute practice-oriented session,

  • issuing homework assignments,

  • checking homework outside of class (code review, giving advice),

  • the possibility of requesting help outside of class,

  • career advice.


If you have any questions, make an appointment for a 30-minute informal conversation.