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Advanced Java and DevOps/Azure Course

Enhance your programming skills. Complete this course and open doors to a better career.

Our goal is to explore the world of DevOps using the Java language.

Based on our own experiences, contract positions requiring Java and DevOps knowledge, paying over 700 euros per day, are already available in Hungary. Moreover, as an employee, higher-than-average salary ranges can be targeted.

Why settle for your current position? Learn with us and take your career to the next level.

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How our course look like ...

Over 6 months, our goal is to introduce you to the entire software lifecycle, from scratch to operations: planning, implementation, testing, maintenance.

In a Slack group, you can ask questions daily, and we'll respond quickly, actively supporting your progress. You can count on constant assistance; we'll guide you with advice. Our response time is usually around 1-4 hours (although we do sleep at night :D).

This is a group training where you can work on tasks individually or in pairs.

You'll learn theory and practice smaller tasks through videos and guides. You decide when to allocate time for these training materials, making it compatible even with a job!

Apart form self-learning, we organise live sessions online bi-weekly. We review completed tasks during these 3-4 hour online sessions. These are recorded and shared among the students.

Throughout the course, we evaluate your knowledge with mock interviews and complex tasks. The primary form of training is remote, so anyone can join from anywhere.


What we expect from you ....

Want to learn.
Make time for it. A weekly investment of 10-15 hours is required.

Complete the homework during the course. It's not enough to see or watch the videos, assignments and examples. You can only succeed on this path if you try everything yourself.

Prepare for mock interviews.

Ensure you can understand the documentations written in English.

Image by Austin Distel

Course's details:

First session:

21st September, 2024, 9 am

Google Meet


Zoltan Czirjak


6 months


Java, SpringBoot, Gradle, Docker, MongoDB, Azure (Terraform)


Online classes


600 000 HUF + VAT (762 000 HUF)

Number of students:

min: 5 people

max: 8 people


100 000 HUF + VAT monthly

This course can be payed by your employer.

The number of seats are limited.

The course is good for Java developers

  • They might have become Java developers in bootcamps or recently graduated from university.

  • They are in the first 5 years of their careers.

  • They aspire for rapid, high-quality development.

  • They seek a mentored environment to learn from professionals.

  • They are looking for a training that can be pursued alongside work and are already familiar with the basics of Java.

  • They are Java developers but lack knowledge in DevOps.

  • The costs of online classes.

  • The training materials and their updates.

  • Possibility of 1-hour personal consultation monthly.

  • The costs associated with using Azure resources during the training.

  • The costs of the closing event and the certificate.

The price includes

Lead Mentor


Java Expert, Senior Cloud Engineer

Java/Kotlin, SpringBoot, AWS/Azure/GCP

If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Good to know ...

How much free time does it take?

The training requires active work alongside online classes. Apart from those, participants decide when to solve assigned tasks: watching videos, reading and processing textual descriptions, completing homework, and preparing presentations. However, in case of any difficulties, there's no need to wait until the actual online classes; assistance can be requested immediately.

Schedule of online classes:

During the online classes, the instructor primarily aims to utilize pair-programming tools for participants to solve tasks. The instructor provides instructions and discusses a variety of potential solutions with the students. The instructor already knows how things should be solved, and the participants benefit the most when they try the solutions themselves.



At the end of each major section, we will conduct a 30-minute retrospective discussion with the participants to answer 3 main questions: "What went well?", "What went wrong?", "What are the changes we will make?".


Course's topics

Here you can download the topics and the training schedule.

Introduction video I.

Here you can watch a course related introduction video.

This is a video in Hungarian.

Introduction of Zoltan Czirjak

Here you can watch the introduction of our lead mentor.

This is a video in Hungarian.

How do you know if this course is for you?

In the following document, we list concepts that are prerequisites for the training. Based on this, you can decide if you can join or not.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs in more detail, please schedule a 30-minute informal conversation with us.

Application deadline:
13th September, 2024

Haladó Java és DevOps Képzés

Haladó Java és DevOps Képzés

Haladó Java és DevOps Képzés
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Összes kategória
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Haladó Java és DevOps Képzés

Haladó Java és DevOps Képzés

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Haladó Java és DevOps Képzés - Bemutató

Haladó Java és DevOps Képzés - Bemutató

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Czirják Zoltán bemutatkozása

Czirják Zoltán bemutatkozása

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If you register for our newsletter at least 30 days before the course starts, you will receive a 5% discount.
(Here you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter).

If you enroll as a pair and indicate this in the Application Form, both participants will receive a 10% discount.

If you have previously attended any other courses at CodeHunters or CzirjakTech, you will receive a 5% discount.

We provide a 14-day right of withdrawal

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