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Being a Code Hunter means that you want to have the best IT services from professionals. It does not matter if you want to learn, train your people or extend your team with great developers, we will provide our best solutions for you!
We are for you!

We are a group of dreamers and hard-working people.

Nothing is impossible if you have excellent people!

Train, Learn. Code.


Our Core Values




Solution-oriented attitude


Willingness to learn

Our Services


IT Courses and Mentoring

For individuals, we provide IT courses in English or Hungarian.

You can be a beginner or a professional, we can improve your coding skills and change your mind to handle your career life better. 

We have many years experience in IT related courses especially in teaching of Java, DevOps, Cloud, System Design Topics.



A purpose-driven culture fuelling business, technology and people transformation.

We operate in the EU market.

We are looking for partners who need qualified, well-educated, experienced and motivated experts in their team. We work with Java and DevOps developers having a great professional background and have a working, verified process to hire experienced developers.

Also, the CodeHunters Team is open to hire more talented people.

Corporate IT Courses

For companies, to gain a competitive advantage in the market, we provide solutions to train their employees and partners. We have many verified and revisited training materials in Java/Spring, DevOps/Cloud/Azure, Databases/SQL, System Design.

Whether you represent a large multinational corporation or a small local business, we have a solution for your learning and development needs.


The path of Success




If you have any questions, make an appointment for a 30-minute informal conversation.